Owl love you forever...

Meet Hootner. Fairy tales and make believe are his specialty. When in need of a good bedtime story for the little ones or even when simply craving a good ole story time, go to Mr. Hootner for the real Cinderella story, the next chapter in the third little piggy's life, or a completely original magical tale. Some of Mr. Hootner's most noteable clients and listeners include the deer from Gumdrop Creek, Little Red Riding Hood AND her grandmother, and little Sasha Obama.

A Weegly Wammle

Meet Williamnot. Williamnot is a Weegly Wammle, a creature unique to our "funny" human society. Weegly Wammles are native to beach piers and Saturn's rings. Williamnot is a most particular Weegly Wammle, with certain inclinations toward lace, mushroom caps, and dinosaur fossils. An explorer to say the least, Williamnot will serve as a most useful companion on any journey; his navigation and survival skills are simply uncompareable.


Meet Blitz

Meet Blitz. Blitz is a wild one, always the center of attention. She wasn't always that way, though--she used to be very uncomfortable about her tall stature (in comparison to the other plush kitties) but she overcame her insecurity and flaunts her personality every opportunity she gets!


The Giraffosaurus

Meet the Giraffosaurus, a new breed of friendly fun! This Giraffosaurus is a fashionista and a social butterfly--you can always catch her hanging out with friends or shopping at the mall. She may come off as commercial and flirtacious most of the time, but don't let that fool you--her heart is huge, ready to pop with confetti heart love and juicy Starburst dreams!

*note to Chloe: this is Alex's gift, so please don't show her until after Christmas! Thanks, love!

Martha's Kidney

Meet Martha's Kidney. Don't worry--Martha's still alive (she can survive on one kidney, you know). Martha's Kidney loves to read (her favorite authors are Rand and Vonnegut) and she aspires to write her own great American novel one day (working titles for some of her ideas include 2084, The Pickles of Wrath, and The Lord of the Pies). She also loves to camp, because making s'mores around the campfire is the perfect time for sharing stories with friends!

Meet Fillmore

Fillmore is a sweater-stealing, Billy Joel-loving, cookie-baking monster friend of felt. His ambitions are pretty high (he plans on being president someday) and his work ethics are top-notch (thanks to his organizational skills). Make this lil monster your pal, and sure, you'll miss a couple of sweaters over time, but you'll be singing "Big Shot" and eating warm chocolate chocolate chunk cookies in no time!

Meet Flo

Flo is a cheeky little monster, always ready with a clever quip or a smooth comeback. She's all the entertainment you'll ever need for giant bashes and intimate get-togethers. Life's a beach and Flo's the sunshine!